Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard Pro - Cardinal Red


This Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard Pro is a professionally refurbished guitar that's been inspected, set-up and tested. This one is extra clean with no fret wear, major blemishes or obvious repairs and includes the original hard-shell case. Save yourself some money and pick-up this like new gui...

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This D'Angelico EXL-1 Special Edition is a manufacturer refurbished guitar that was professionally inspected, set-up and tested. This one is extra clean with no fret wear, major blemishes or obvious repairs and is no longer in production. While this guitar is great to look at, it also plays great...

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New Release! Keeley DDR - Drive/Delay/Reverb


New release day! The Keeley DDR is the perfect solution for impromptu jams and sit-in gigs when less needs just a little bit more. Just throw this pedal in front of your favorite amp and boom, you got two drives, reverb and delay in one tight little box. In stock and shipping now.

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This Jackson Soloist SLX is a manufacturer refurbished guitar that was professionally inspected, set-up and tested. This one is extra clean with no fret wear, or obvious repairs. There is a small nick on the back of the head-stock which is detailed in the photos. Other than that, this is a really...

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Guild Bluesbird - Ice Tea Burst


This Guild Bluesbird is a manufacturer refurbished guitar that was professionally inspected, set-up and tested. This one is extra clean with no fret wear, major blemishes or obvious repairs (if any) and includes the original Guild padded gig bag. In addition, there is no "used" stamp and the seri...

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Lots of great boutique pedals in stock from Cusack Music, Keeley Electronics, Walrus Audio, Mojo Hand FX and more. Visit our website for full inventory or come visit us and Plug-in.

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Keeley Synth-1, Guitar-Triggered, Wave Generator


If you like fuzzy, octave-y Hendrix-like effects, as well as tones sounding like a mono synth, then you need to check this out!

The Keeley Synth-1 is a guitar-triggered, single-note wave generator. You control the tone of the wave with the Filter Control. The lead-in time or swell of the note ...

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Gretsch G5022 Rancher Falcon and several more manufacturer refurbished acoustic and electric guitars just landed at the shop this week. Check our website for new listings being added daily or stop by the shop for first dibs. Like new guitars by Fender, Gretsch, Cordoba, Guild, Jackson, D'Anglico ...

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The wall of tone keeps growing in the shop. Lots of new pedals from Keeley, Cusack, Walrus and others. Lightly used amps and of course some great refurbished guitars hanging on the wall as well. Come on down and we'll get you plugged-in. Your gonna like the way you sound, we guarantee it. 😎


Largest selection of Reverend Guitars in Jacksonville

  • Reverend Airsonic RA Guitar, Metallic Silver Freeze

    Reverend Founder Joe Naylor has been on a quest to meld a solid body’s sustain and attack with the rich, big tone of a semi-hollow. Naylor’s sonic dream is now a reality with the introduction of the Reverend Airsonic. Radically thinner wings and thru-body f-holes allow the body to resonate intensely, while a thick center ridge establishes solid sustain. Harmonics shimmer, single notes sing, and power chords ring like a bell at stage volume. Add in overdrive, and the controllable feedback is a thing of beauty. With the forearm and stomach contours, this guitar is light and comfortable. The Airsonic RA’s Railhammer Hyper Vintage Humbuckers tighten the lows and fatten the highs, and a flat mount string-thru body bridge offers even more sustain. If you’re ready to make a unique visual and sonic statement, the Airsonic RA is for you!
  • Reverend Charger 290 Guitar, Oceanside Green

    The Reverend Charger 290 provides some tasty vintage tones to match its retro chic look. Fat, raw and bluesy but with just the right amount of bite to cut through the mix. It's also very comfortable to play thanks to the belly carve and smooth, contoured body and neck joint. Loaded with Reverend’s custom 9A5 pick-ups (think modern P-90's that are quiet), the Charger 290 works great in both clean and distorted territories – twangy enough for country, but thick enough for rock.
  • Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider Baritone Guitar

    Pete Anderson was looking for a baritone with a retro feel that delivers the deepest possible twang tone with upgraded features and a tremolo that works great. We created the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider Baritone – a chambered Korina body with a 28 5/8” scale full-length baritone neck. Three Alnico pickups provide extra clarity for low tunings. The Wilkinson WV6 SB Tremolo is a traditional style trem with stamped steel saddles and a steel block for extra twangy tone, adjustable arm tension, and modified mounting holes to improve stability. In classic Satin Black, The Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider Baritone hits all those surf, spaghetti western, and country deep sounds.
  • Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike Signature Guitar

    Resonant tone, excellent playability, and versatility sums up the Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike signature guitar. The Dirtbike is Gabrels’ first single-pickup signature model—which corresponds with his desire for “freedom in the form of speed and power stripped down to its essentials." The Joe Naylor-designed Railhammer Gabrels signature pickup is aggressively articulate with a pleasing midrange attack that’s not shrill or too thin. The Master Tone is voiced to produce warm vocal-esque timbres when you tamp it down. Not to mention the "magical" Bass Contour can dial in some very shimmery colors that are especially expressive for clean tones.The Wilkinson Trem on the Dirtbike is a blast to play with. Unlike other Wilkinson Tremolo's found on Revered Guitars, this one is routed in the back for more movement. Couple this with the Reverend locking tuners and you have a bonified rock-n-roll machine capable of nuanced vibrato to full on dive bombs, and it stays in tune! If you've ever s
  • Reverend Double Agent W 20th Anniversary Guitar

    Legend has it, that it all started in 1997, with Joe Naylor, alone in a shop behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit. Now, we’ve grown to a bone fide headquarters in sunny Toledo, Ohio with several employees. For the 20th Anniversary, we are releasing special 20th Anniversary versions of the Double Agent W – with a Railhammer Hyper Vintage at the bridge, a brushed aluminum pickguard, and “1997-2017” on the fretboard. These guitars are aesthetically stunning combined with the work horse playability you've come to expect from all Reverend guitars. If you're looking for a unique piece, these Reverend 20th Anniversary guitars are a perfect choice for the stage or collectors alike. Limited quantities available, get yours today!
  • Reverend Dub King Short Scale Bass

    REVEREND - DUB KING SHORT SCALE BASS IN ROCK ORANGE, SEMI-HOLLOW & DEEP TONE! The Dub King produces the thick, deep tone you’d expect from a short scale neck and semi-hollow body. But unlike most basses of this type, it has excellent clarity and sustain thanks to the five-piece neck and lock down bridge. You can even solo the Split Brick neck pickup for super deep thump, and the split pole design keeps it focused. REVEREND DUB KING CUSTOM BASS PICKUPS Reverend designs their own proprietary custom pickups to achieve the best tonal match with the instrument. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching between pickups.


2 months ago
Super nice guy!
- Alexander H
a year ago
Stopped in real quick for strings. Nice selection of quality guitars and a personable owner. Worth checking out. Supporting quality small businesses is the best way to go. I’ll be back to check out the Reverend lineup.
a year ago
Pretty much the only place in mandarin /Southside area to get strings. It's a godsend
- Jesse R

Dudebroski Guitars Demo Room is Open

Dudebroski Guitars is primarily an internet based business. We don't have a fancy retail location and our hours sometimes fluctuate. Our shop is off the beaten path and our Demo Room is small, but packed with some great gear. We are not retail as usual. This is a small grassroots business that keeps overhead low so we can pass our savings along to you. If you are local to Jacksonville, drop in during posted business hours or give us a  call and we can set-up an appointment. We're usually close by or already at the shop anyway. 

Our in-store selection of guitars and basses vary from mid-range to professional, boutique and vintage gear, you never know. There's also used and new amplifiers, a boutique pedal selection and a range of guitar accessories available. Or, just browse our website to explore an even larger selection of gear. See something you like? You can buy online and pick-up in-store. Contact us and we'll get you plugged in.

Dudebroski is the largest Reverend Guitar Dealer in Jacksonville and we always have a solid selection of new guitars and basses available in-store. We also specialize in acquiring "like new" manufacturer seconds, refurbished and used guitars by top brands that will save you a bundle. Have a guitar you want to trade, consign or sell? Let's talk.

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